Devouring my back, he places me on my stomach. Oh, it’s been such a long time. And I have dreamt of this for such a long while. He spread my legs wide. Widest. And then he enters me, again. His body slides on mine in rhythmic fashion. Then that stops and I can feel only his pelvis moving. I am really just in his arms, one large hand is across my body, the palm clutching one breast. Another holding my waist, keeping me in position. I feel the pain, and the joy as I can feel his cock sliding in and out. I am eating the pillow now, crushing the sheets. I am such a sound-maker. I’m not loud. I’m never loud. I just make small moans, with heavy gasps, like a poor damsel in inescapable agony. It turns him on so much, I know it. He takes me with greater force, each time I sound even more desperate.

Now is the part I absolutely love. He lifts me up and we continue the sequence kneeling down. God, fucking in the front of the mirror is so damn sexy. I see a hauntingly beautiful reflection. A possessed naked woman. This is not me at all. This is a different woman. Breathtakingly beautiful. She is so pale, with luminous dark brown eyes and swollen red lips. Her dark tousled hair falling over her shoulder… everywhere, actually . She looks consumed; lost, otherworldly; by this dark man with strong arms towering behind her. His body is attached to her, in every sense, his mouth never leaving her. They make an extraordinary juxtaposition.

Then suddenly he lifts me up again, places me on the bed and rides me in missionary position. He doesn’t let me touch him. He has locked my wrists with his one arm. He fills my open gasping mouth with his, sucking all the air out. I feel the hurting. And I think about that beautiful intoxicated woman in front of the mirror. He releases my wrists and holds me now with both his arms. I embrace him tightly, as if the pelvic union is really not enough.

He takes me with ferocity. With blind, mad lust. Blinding both of us. I close my eyes and I burst into tears as we come. He is a little startled, but he doesn’t ask me anything. He just cradles me in his arms… I am in deep slumber.

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